Grooming Service

Our groomer, is extremely knowledgeable about dog behavior and uses this knowledge to create a stress free grooming experience for each and every dog. E-mail us at or call and talk directly with our groomer today!

 (416) 760 7444

Grooming Rates

All services include: basic brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, bath, fluff drying.

The Groomer will provide a fixed price upon inspection of the Dog

Full Groom- Includes: Full Haircut

(Shih Tzu, Doodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle ect.)

XS $75,

S $80,

M $85,

L$ 95,

XL $105+

Tidy Up/Deshed- Includes: Face/Feet/Bum Trim and/or double coat deshed

(Husky, Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherd etc.)

Xs $70

S $75

M $80

L $90

XL $100+

Bath and Brush- basic bath for short coated breeds

(Boxer, Greyhound, Boston Terrier, Chihuahua etc.)

XS $50

S $55

M $65

L $70

XL $100+

Standalone services

Nail Trim: $15

Face/Feet/Bum Tidy (incl. nail trim): $25

Dematting, Handstripping, Specialized Breed Specific Grooms, Heavy Deshedding: $50/hr